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"Doherty allegedly caused chaos on his flight home to the UK..."

The continued Diva exploits of the sweetestnaughtiest girl in the world...

"Doherty allegedly caused chaos on his flight home to the UK...

by sparking up a cigar.

The star is reportedly refused to have stopped smoking and shouted at flight attendants: "F*** off. I could charter my own flight if I wanted."

A source revealed: "When they threatened to throw him off the flight he agreed to put it out, but it took some persuading."

Ahhh dear, a girl after my own heart then...though of course, I would never have the Diva-like arrogance to tell everyone to fuck off because I could fly the plane myself, should I so desire.
I heart her, she so could charter her own flight, her own air-line even...'Dohertyjet''s a nice ring, hmmm?

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Dohertyjet??? i like it. no wait i LOOOOOOOOOVE it.

when does it depart? i'll see you there my dear :D
heheheh :D

When? Lord only knows...being that we'll have such a Diva of a captain, who knows when, eh? Could be half an hour later or four days late :p
:D all aboard the dohertyjet!!!!