doesn't pay to try (flaaa_blah) wrote in what_a_diva,
doesn't pay to try

random memories, anyone...?

Okay, dunno if this is allowed here, but...

December 2004, me and my mates were at the barfly (where pete was playing). We ended up in some room with scribble and writing all over the walls with Peter, the Queens of Noize, and some rabid fanboys, and at some point, Mairead was putting this sparkly lipgloss on and offered it to Peter. Who sat there and proceeded to lasciviously swipe it on for about FIVE MINUTES. And licking it because it was flavoured or something, and he wouldn't give it back to Mairead!

I remember chuckling later and just thinking, 'awww Petra, you vain rockstar, you.'
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