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la belle dame sans merci

Women and cars.

A while back, courtesy of Carla's crappy parking skills, we learned that girls can't drive.

If Petra's anything to go by, they can't change tyres either.

WE'VE always regarded him as a bit of a fifth wheel. Too bad junkie rocker Pete Doherty doesn't know how to change one.

The troubled Babyshambles singer flagged down two strangers to help change his flat tyre and went on to pour out his heart to them about his on-off relationship with Kate Moss.

The 26-year-old was stranded at a block of luxury flats near Primrose Hill, North London, when the men came to the rescue, we're told.

Our source told 3am: "Pete was standing by the roadside, waving frantically for help.

"A decorator was driving past in his van, saw Pete by the roadside and felt sorry for him, so he pulled over." The decorator had his pal with him and scruffy Pete - spotting his overalls - said: "You look like the sort of person who knows how to change a tyre."

The source goes on: "They shrugged and thought it was a bit weird, but Pete was polite so they were happy to oblige."

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